pajamaswag said: i miss you :(

What’s up? I’m coming back! Miss you too! How have you been?

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meow (Taken with Instagram at HaRVA St Hipsterz)

meow (Taken with Instagram at HaRVA St Hipsterz)

newest tattoo (Taken with Instagram)

newest tattoo (Taken with Instagram)

I just wish there was someone to hold me during this existential crisis

Ladies gentlemen we do interrupt this blog for some live feed of Rachel tripping on ambien

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So I’ve just realized that I’m basically Eugene from Hey Arnold. I get randomly hurt in the strangest ways.

like the one time I was sitting on the floor and leaned on a swivel chair with my elbow to get up, only for the arm rest of said chair to quickly swivel around and hit me in the eye. black eye.

last weekend i passed out with a cheap ring on, naturally my fingers swelled over night. But nope mine swelled 3 times the size and the ring got stuck on me. I tried everything all day. ice, oil, soap, lotion, pulling, everything. and the worst part was it was a DOUBLE RING. Luckily I was able to slide it off my ring, leaving awkwardly stuck to my middle finger. After trying it out as a permanent attachment to my body for a couple hours, I decided it really wasn’t working. So I then had to go to patient first and get it SAWED OFF.

okay and so today I’m casually making a frozen pizza the oven is at 425 the pizza is done I open the oven to look at it and then the hot air just hits me real quick and melts my mascara a little bit and my eyes stick. 

and that’s me my life as Eugene.

dating me requirements: must be as clever as Magritte


wusssuppp! I’ve missed you tooo I just sometimes forget about tumblr for a while and only use twitter and shit laaaame I know

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and the fact that 2 of my best friends have left me because i was too depressed makes me the most upset in the world i can t even

no one ever cares about how depressed their friends are until it’s too late and then they’re “like omg really never would’ve guessed”

like just fucking look around you